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ARCHIZO has been highly praised by experts, as much in the field of architecture and art history as in that of advertising and marketing.

Łukasz Orzechowski

Marta Nowacka – art historian, historic preservation officer, pedagogue, cultural manager, enthusiast of beauty and dance.


I have designed ARCHIZO because no such teaching aid existed previously that would allow me to effectively convey knowledge about the history of architecture. The blocks were created when I was establishing an original curriculum of workshops in the field of architectural identity. ARCHIZO is the first set of such architecture blocks worldwide.


It quickly became clear that ARCHIZO not only has educational and entertainment value, but is also a unique urban gadget.


Łukasz Orzechowski - co-founder of ARCHIZO, computer graphic designer, copywriter, marketer, exel's exterminator. A historian, science promoter, privately introvert. I have been with ARCHIZO since 2015, because I am impressed by its innovation, beauty and versatility of use and roots - it is one of those projects that has grown on the basis of authentic experiences with people and which is for people.

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